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37. Jawasakki Motorcycle Rally 2020

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Jawasakki Motorcycle Rally 2020 Postponed!

Jawasakki's 37. Motorcycle rally has been rescheduled to be held 21-23 August 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The board of Jawasakki has decided to reschedule this year's motorcycle rally to the August. This decition will move the rally two and a half months onwards to 21-23 August 2020. Decition was made due to value the health of the all rally participants as the predictions on how pandemic spreads a cross the globe is unclear.

Please note! All ready made reservations are moved as they are to the rescheduled event time. For someone decires to cancel their existing reservation, bare in mind to cancel accommodation from Eräkeskus.

Whether the pandemic will cause another rescheduling, shall the rally be postponed to the summer 2021.

37. Jawasakki Motorcycle Rally 2020

Location: Eräkeskus Metsäkouluntie, Liesjärvi, Tammela
Date: 21-23.8.2020

Participation fee: 25€  (Note! The fee for year 2020 Jawasakki members is 20€).
Participation fee includes:
  • Annual rally shirt
  • Annual rally sticker
  • Filtered coffee and bun
  • Ticker to Karkkila's Agricultural and Tractor Museum on Saturday.

Additional information about the location:
The location where the rally takes place is former Forest school, which dormitory holds from 150 to 160 sleeping places. Room sizes available are 2 and 3 person rooms. Larger rooms are also available.

Camping facilities:
On sight there is a grass field suitable for tents. Recreational vehicles have a possibility for electricity.

There are showering facilities along with sauna can be found from service building.

Buffet dinner with A-license is available for the participants in the restaurant.
There is a small grocery store nearby.

Extra activity:
Moped Museum is available for free of charge during the whole weekend.

Accommodation pricing:
* Accommodation in hostel-rated rooms: 50€/person/weekend. Note! 5€ extra charge from bed linen
* Campsite fee: 30€/tent/weekend Note! Campsite fee is tent based. Therefore the size of the tent determines the amount of campers.
* Electricity for recreational vehicles: 40€/weekend. Note! no extra charge from used electricity.

Dormitory facilities such as showers and sauna are in campers' use the whole weekend.

Please bare in mind when reserving dormitory room accommodation that all the beds will be filled. Therefore try to reserve the whole room at once.

Making a reservation:
When reserving the accommodation, please use code: JAWASAKKIAJO.
By phone: +35846-6815773 (Ask for Riitta)
By email: Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.

Dining package: 36€ (Includes two breakfasts and two buffet dining for one person).
Buffet is open: Fri 3-8 pm.
Sat 3-7 pm.

Note! Restaurant and terrace are licensed area. No own beverages allowed.

The Ride:
Start on Saturday at 11 am. Route goes mainly through small asphalt roads approximately 57 km to Nahkio's Agricultural Museum for pit stop. Coffee and bun is served for participants. Returning back to the Rally area via center of the city of Karkkila where we return back to the rally area. The ride is in total round 80km.

More information about the rally and it's schedule from Jawasakki's spring paper and from the Internet: www.metsakouluntie.com  
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